About Us

This is my hobby. Actually - many hobbies. 
Friends know my passion for music records. My collection is not too large on a global scale, but it exceeds a thousand units in the form of CDs and vinyl records. I listen to all kinds of music - classical, jazz, blues and pop music, but the biggest and main part of my collection consists of heavy rock recordings.
Many also know my attitude towards language (this probably classifies more as a very annoying habit to others than a hobby :)) - I often notice errors and mistakes in language use.
Another one of my hobbies is my job - I am a graphic designer. All of this together achieves a result that looks something like this.

We created this page together with my wife Daina, and what could be better than a common hobby in the family!
Take a look also on our blog - under each design there is a whole colorful and bright story. Nothing is done simply because of creation.


Appreciate and choose now, make people look back on you!
With my best regards, Alvis Inne and family.